What is the WWCC?

In early 2018, a small group of farmers came together because we cherish Western Wisconsin’s watersheds and the ways of life and commerce that they support. We are faced with threats to our waterways through urban and industrial expansion as well as through out-of-date or high-risk agricultural practices. Whatever the source of these issues, they could one day threaten the safety of our water, undermine our positive reputation in the community, or result in the expansion of unreasonable regulation.

In forming the WWCC, our aim is to bring like-minded farmers together to do something before a problem arises in our area. By setting up the WWCC as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, we have enabled grant monies in support of our objectives to help us meet our goals.

Board of Directors

Todd Doornink

Tom Zwald

Leslie Svacina

Greg Friendshuh

Chris van Someren

Jerry Emmert

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WWCC hosts meetings, collects data and conducts research on the agricultural practices of our area. Find out what we are up to on our news page.