Soil Health Haney Testing Incentive Program

Applications closed

Incentive payment up to a $500 award if you meet these criteria:

  1. Are members in good standing of WWCC (membership form and completed 2022 Member Conservation Practice Survey on file)
  2. Agree to Haney test a minimum of 2 comparison zones in a field. Each comparison zone would consist of 10 core samples.
  3. Complete this application and return by May 1.
  4. Agree to share subsequent outcomes that can be shared with other members and sponsors.

Haney testing uses chemical and biological soil test data to mimic nature’s approach of nutrient availability in the soil. Metrics measured include soil respiration, water extractable organic carbon, microbially active carbon, organic carbon to organic nitrogen ratio, organic nitrogen to inorganic nitrogen ratio, organic nitrogen release, organic nitrogen reserve, soil health score, and cover crop evaluation. These values provide information about nutrient availability for plant consumption and nutrient estimates for microbial consumption. Test outcomes provide management improvement opportunities on your farm field.

How will the program work?
Applicants must select at least 2 comparison zones in a field. A comparison zone might be defined by soil condition, soil type, crop yield and include a minimum of 5 acres. Each comparison zone consists of 10 core samples. All applicants will work with WWCC board member, Spencer Anderson, to coordinate sampling and guidance to provide consistency and accuracy of the program.

Samples must be collected by July 1, 2023.

After receiving analysis, applicants will have the opportunity to compare aspects of their field such as fertility levels, management history and conservation practices. Applicants may choose to alter management practices, but it is not required.
Reminder that Haney testing does not account for water infiltration rates, water holding capacity or bulk density. It is a snapshot in time of current soil health conditions and not a complete evaluation.

Project goals
The project will provide insight on how applicants can improve soil health within WWCC area watershed. Data will be aggregated. All applicant information will remain confidential.

Each comparison zone is eligible for a payout incentive of $150. All applicants require a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 comparison zones with a payout incentive up to $500.

Return the form to: [email protected] or
Spencer Anderson, ATTN: WWCC, W7662 163rd Ave, Hager, WI 54014.

Questions? Call Spencer Anderson (715)821-9136.