2023 Cost-share offerings

The following cost-share programs are available to WWCC members in 2023:

  1. Cover Crops {$20/acre, 50-acre max}
  2. 4-R Nutrient Stewardship – {$20/acre, 50-acre max}
  3. No-till/Reduced Tillage{$20/acre, 50-acre max}
  4. Double cropping – {$20/acre, 50-acre max}
  5. Harvestable buffer – {$300/acre, 5-acre max}

The cost-share program is designed to be inclusive to help every member meet their soil and water conservation goals. The practices above have been shown to provide a suite of benefits, including but not limited to, reducing soil erosion by wind and water, limiting nutrient losses via leaching, runoff, or other loss pathways, and improving soil health.

To participate, please indicate which program(s) you would like to enroll in and the number of acres/samples you are enrolling. WWCC’s cost-share program is intended to be a learning opportunity for members, so we ask that members be willing to share lessons learned from trying a new practice with the group. Members can use the farm info sheets provided to record and track their progress with a new practice or utilize their own form of record keeping.

Final cost-share payments are dependent on available funds and will be distributed at the end of the year. If you are not yet a WWCC member, please fill out the membership form at westernwisconservation.org.

To enroll, complete the form (link below) return (with receipts) by Nov. 17.

How it works:

  • Plant cover crops (whatever variety fits into your farming system) in fields harvested for wheat, corn silage or other crops
  • Plant no-till corn, beans, wheat or other crops
  • Implement no-till, limited/reduced till or strip-till in fields harvested for corn, beans or wheat
  • Work with your agronomist/CCA to take soil and/or tissue samples and send them to an accredited lab
  • Use results to create a custom fertility program for your crop and soils: Apply nutrients where and when your crop needs them most
  • Plant two or more crops in a growing season to double the harvest
  • Plant or improve a harvestable buffer consisting of a perennial grass cover to capture sediment and nutrients. One-time payment, not eligible more than once.
  • Let WWCC know how many total acres are in each practice and how many will be cost-shared
  • Complete the WWCC member conservation practice survey

All individual farm data is confidential. Final cost-share payments dependent on funds.

Questions? Please contact us at [email protected] or 715.760.0216 (Todd Doornink)

Forms are due November 17, 2023

Download cost-share form >>