2019 Cost-share offerings

The WWCC is proud to offer our members the following incentive programs to help minimize the risk associated with trying conservation practices in their farming system:

  • Cover crops: {$20 per acre up to 50-acre maximum}
  • 4-R nutrient stewardship: {Up to $20 per acre, 50-acre maximum}
  • No till and limited tillage: {$20 per acre up to 50-acre maximum}

How it works:

  • Plant cover crops (whatever variety fits into your farming system) in fields harvested for wheat, corn silage or other crops
  • Plant no-till corn, beans, wheat or other crops
  • Implement no-till, limited/reduced till or strip till in fields harvested for corn, beans or wheat
  • Work with your agronomist/CCA to take soil and/or tissue samples and send them to an accredited lab
  • Use results to create a custom fertility program for your crop and soils: Apply nutrients where and when your crop needs them most
  • Let WWCC know how many total acres are in each practice and how many acres will be cost-shared
  • Share your SNAP files with the WWCC to evaluate the change in estimated nutrient and soil loss from the standard practices compared to the cost-shared practice

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Download the form here

Questions? Please contact us at westernwisconservation@gmail.com or 715.760.0216 (Chris van Someren)