Continuing this journey of conservation together

Todd Doornink

As we approach the finish line of another year and pull together final preparations for our Annual all members meeting on Dec 9, it seems like a suitable time for me to share my reflections on WWCC and the four-year journey we have been on together.

What began as a small group of farmers, determined both to be good stewards of our natural resources and to preserve farming as a way of life, has now grown into a well-respected conservation group. We are known as an organization whose members are willing to experiment with best practices in their fields, prepared to share information and experiences with each other, and are constantly striving to become better.

WWCC exists to serve its members and to facilitate this good work. At our core, we are about three things:

  • Research: Our expanding partnership with UWRF: well-testing, water program, soil program, student interns
  • Education: Farmers-teaching-farmers, cost-share programs, member conservation practice survey, NMP workshop, in-field practice promotion
  • Fellowship: Field days, annual meeting

Utilizing these three pillars as our foundation and emboldened by the tremendous support of our sponsors, especially The Nature Conservancy, the 50+ farmers who comprise our membership have achieved great things in a short time. When I look at our 2020 Member survey results, I feel real pride because I know that behind these impressive statistics are real farmers, my neighbors and friends, who are working day-by-day, season-by-season, to utilize and preserve our environment to the benefit of our broader community.

We hope you will enjoy our inaugural newsletter issue of By the Roots. And we look forward to seeing each of you at the Annual Meeting on Dec. 9.

-Todd Doornink, President, WWCC